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Plant Jerky 60g

Plant Jerky 60g

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A delicious and nutritious snack made mainly from ginseng, the wildly grown nutritious plant root. Our ginseng is grown naturally on the top of mountains, which protects the environment. We make the ginseng a flavorful snack that can be eaten at any time. Please note that our item is a nutritious snack rather than a medical product and it cannot be used medically.

Benefits of Super Ginseng:
Makes you smarter and healthier. Super Ginseng contains a variety of biologically active substances necessary for the human body. We help lower your blood pressure, prevent oxidation or inflammatory, and improve your memory.
Stay in shape. Super Ginseng helps you lose weight if you're overweight, and gain weight if you're underweight. This product can also improve men's and women's health.
Non-additive. Sometimes people get addicted to nutritional products like ginseng, but not Super Ginseng.
Never nosebleed! People nosebleed when they take our raw ginseng directly because there's too much nutrition at a time. With our technology, we make Super Ginseng's nutrition easy to digest and you will never nosebleed!
So delicious. You will fall in love with the bittersweet flavor.

Not suitable for children under 12 and pregnant people. 

Do not take more than 2 each day, or you will get overnutrition.


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